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With the challenging workforce, organizations are trying everything to maximize their staff resources. Several questions came in to LeadingAge MN over the past several weeks asking about using trained medication aides (TMAs) who were trained out of state. LeadingAge MN inquired about any potential options for out of state TMAs. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) stated the following, “Regarding administration of medication by unlicensed personnel, the individual would have to be certified as a Nurse Aide in MN, then they could take the medication course through MN Post-Secondary institute. As defined per MN Rule: 4658.1360 Sub 2 : If the individual, did not complete a MN NA training program, they are unable to be an unlicensed medication personnel per 4658.1360 subpart 2 A for MN”. A note: the nurse aide program must be approved by the department of health.

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